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These outstanding stories received millions of views and thousands hours of reading times. As they are valuable, we don’t want them to be dusted.

Finding old stories on Medium can be challenging for readers. ILLUMINATION hosts thousands of stories. Various types of writers contribute to this publication. …

Fat Loss

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Here I am with a new and powerful story.

This story has manifested by what I learned from an exciting and helpful piece posted by Dr Mehmet Yildiz in February 2021.

When I read this game-changing story, Eliza Shed 30 Pounds in Six Months with Two Tips: And Never Gained…

Book Review

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I was a beta reader for the early release of the book titled “On the Cusp of the Artificial Intelligence Revolution: How to be friends with artificial intelligence and look at it from a fresh perspective”.

Coming from a technology, business, and leadership background, the book’s title attracted my attention…


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ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications curate the most loved stories by discerning readers. In this post, we introduce these curated collections.

The topics covered in these collections are health, mental health, education, relationships, love, business, entrepreneurship, leadership, freelancing, artificial intelligence, non-fungible tokens, and cryptocurrencies.

Health and Fitness

Heath & Fitness Collection

This collection includes generic…


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This unique collection includes technology, business, education, economy, leadership, and entrepreneurship articles about the US states. We hope our readers find some useful and relevant articles from this collection.

The summary of articles is in this story.

Dr Mehmet Yildiz is a technology researcher and the chief editor of the…

Daily Digest from ILLUMINATION

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ILLUMINATION-Curated compiled some interesting stories for you today.

These pieces from our collection can inform and entertain you. External readers can access them via blogs on Word Press.

Thank you for reading the engaging stories shared by our creative writers.

Our previous digests are accessible from this collection.

You may…

Curated Chapters

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A new chapter opened on Medium.

We announced ILLUMINATION Book Chapters around a week ago. Several published authors have already joined and submitted their chapters.

In this post, we want to introduce you contributing authors and present a single chapter from each book. This is just a quick taste. …

Congratulations on getting more visibility published in your special publications.

We hope Medium reads your reasonable request and remove restrictions on your editors.

It does not make sense to constrain editors who play the role of gatekeepers from offensive materials.

If I were Medium, I’d even pay your editors to clean rubbish contaminating this beautiful platform.

As you pointed out, these editors do not only play gatekeeper roles but also marketing the content of writers and attracting more readers to Medium.

Keep going; we need you and support you.

Featured Stories

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Dear Readers,

We are excited to present a small selection from our recent stories for your enjoyment in this volume. We distributed 83 volumes of our outstanding stories. You can access previous volumes from this link.

We offer an opportunity for freelance writers, editors, and bloggers on SYNERGY.

We publish…


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